Insurance cover – where it counts

Insurance For Group has a simple purpose — to provide specialist insurance cover for people who can’t find it elsewhere. Whether that’s due to the risks inherent in their role, or the dangerous locations they work in, we offer policies tailored to their specific needs.

Starting with ‘Insurance For Journalists‘ — we quickly identified a need for comprehensive insurance in other high-risk roles — aid work, medicine, NGOs and the wider media — as well as the demand for organisations and contractors to be able to arrange cover for their local teams, as part of their duty of care.

Each month Insurance For Group insures a diverse range of individuals and organisations carrying out vital work in some of the most challenging locations in the world — providing more than US $140 million in insurance cover across all policies.

We understand the challenges our customers are already facing as part of the work they do — and the importance of having an insurance partner they can rely on in a worst-case scenario.

That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping our cover comprehensive, our premiums affordable, and our exclusions to a minimum.

We’re with you – anytime, anywhere.

Our tailor-made policies can include:

Accidental death and disablement


Sickness and accident medical expenses


Medical evacuation and repatriation


Continued care and treatment at home


Policies may includes war – declared or not, rebellion, civil unrest and terrorism*

*See terms and conditions or contact us for details